Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A beginning

Hey there, this is the first of what I hope to be a number of new blog posts about my journey as a writer. Maybe someday I'll earn the moniker of author, but I'm not published yet, so until that day comes I am just 'one who writes'. 

I've lately been attempting to pick up where I left off with writing so many years ago. I've always written, in one form or another over many, many years. From poetry to short stories to freelancing for the local paper to endlessly journaling, it's been the most consistent thing I've done my whole life. Like many people who have an active imagination and a little bit of creativity, I've fallen prey to the desire to be a published author. I don't know what it is about being published that's so appealing, probably a healthy dose of sharing stories mixed with a little bit of ego and the desire to cheat death in some way.

I have to thank Michael Stackpole for giving me the courage to step up to the plate once again. Without his very helpful talk at GenCon 2011, I may never have had the courage to get back into it. He gave a talk, based on his Secrets podcasts called Twenty-one Days to a Novel. I came back after GenCon inspired and bought the ebook shortly afterwards. 

Having never had formal training or a mentor of any kind, I really connected with his message. While it's not a complete walk through, and how could it be really, it was enough to get me started. At this point my novel is still in its infancy, probably around 12,000 total words between the couple of chapters and the notebook that I've nearly filled.

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